Hello our dear viewers. It’s been like three weeks and I know you must have really missed our blog posts. Anyways, we were away for a while but was never out for a moment and today we’ve decided to spice up your hangover morning.

The Meeting Points

When I say meeting points, I mean where the dudes meet the chics to set the P in motion. There are obviously many meetings in Ibadan, not to talk of Nigeria but that’s not why we are here. Make we yan about University of Ibadan – where the boys meet the girls.

ON THE ROAD: This is the commonest meeting point and anything can happen on the road because it is always under the cover of darkness. When I said anything, I meant the hand going over the girl’s shoulder and nothing more. LOL! Awo hall/Idia hall road is one interesting example because any girl on this lonely road is lonely and very bored and so therefore wants to be met. Any dude that comes across such should be called “lucky” because he’s going to get her – any joke he cracks must definitely be funny except if she’s a natural sadist. Why won’t it be funny sef – she wants to laugh already. We heard that found on this meeting point are mostly freshers especially Faculty of Arts, let me try not to mention names biko! Stalites are also in this category, especially if the road is chemistry road via SUB road. Don’t start thinking only random girls are met at this point because we have it in record that when that cute finalist in CLA was in 100 level, she was met by a ROCQ boy in his car.

FRONT OF FEMALE HALLS/FEMALE HALL BUS STOPS: For a dude to meet a chic at this meeting point ehn, two things are involved. Firstly, it must be a situation of winning the girl’s heart so it is a move or a bit of sacrifice even if he doesn’t love her, and secondly it is most likely to be that the dude is a fresher so appearing at this meeting point is nothing – queens 107, idia 112, awo 141, even annes 157. For this meeting point, except you’re in front of Saint Annes you’re liable to buy the chic suya and add drink to it if you’re in front of Idia hall. Reports have it that Awo hall girls would ask for suya, Idia hall girls would take the dude close to the suya spot and expect the him to grab the gist while Queens hall girls would hold on to their pride and ignore the suya spot even when they’re very hungry (please take note of the word “very” :D) Most of those Arts girls love this meeting point. Don’t ask me why ooh.

TANTIES: There’s something I know about this meeting point – the chics would definitely eat, the only exception to this rule is if the dude is from Faculty of Science. Science boys would meet a chic at tanties and talk away, no food, no drink not even table water then they would start lamenting like Jeremiah that the chic didn’t say yes, why would she say yes? Example is *lips sealed*. One fact remains, this meeting point is for ballers – real ballers like them Jerry Vag, Sammie GnS, Towbhi GnS, Dolapo Swag amongst others and those “one hour” ballers who will save hard to impress a chic and drink garri afterwards *clears throat* I shall not mention names. Just like the Bible said “remember Lot’s wife”, I will say “remember Sexy Skunk and Miss Yanga!” This meeting point is always flooded in the evenings as we have seen the likes of club boys, former mister UI, rappers and MCs while for the ladies the likes of club girls, balling chics, BQ girls and Theatre Arts girls. Painfully, my law girls rarely come around this meeting point. Issokae

KENNETH DIKE LIBRARY: On the lips of everybody two years ago was the story of two students who were about to make out in our dear library, holy books! Before and after that incident, our library has been a meeting point for two sets of peeps – the book freaks and the jokers. While the book freaks meet at this point during the day unless exam period is near, the jokers meet only at night. It is their kind that will be playing “X and O game” or be exchanging notes, get a room for better communication please. If you’re a chic and this is your meeting point then good for you because your boy would be the quiet dude and if you’re the dude meeting a chic here, I’m sorry for you gan because missionary is your portion, if you decode let me see your comments below 😀

See you in 3 days time for the continuation of this piece. BigShoutOut to them Oga Kenayo, General Dharblizzy, Sir Richard Glitz, Uncle Ralph, Awon Irish Blog, Touchline UI, Deji Balogun and you, my dearest viewer.

Nice weekend everyone,
Thank you.


…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


2 thoughts on “THE MEETING POINTS

  1. touchlineui 03/02/2014 / 16:24

    KDL is the cheapest place to meet cost
    Queens n Idia na gbese
    Nice work man!


    • 'Bamiyo 03/02/2014 / 20:55

      Thanks Oga Mi. Nice Analysis On Ur Blog Too. Bless U!


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