Happy Sunday!

…you already know that she/he threw caution into the winds and that she/he is a UITE…and this week, the consequences!

  • We gathered that this Vet Medicine big chic who loves the chess game is loving something beyond the chess game. This might be stale to few and appear as strange to many, the truth is our chess lady is loving something more than the chess game and this time it is in the love for her body to be touched. It is nothing to hug in the streets or in the volley ball court side but it becomes something when you take that hug in a corner to advance into smooch and presses. It was gathered from a reliable source and we need say that she shouldn’t get horny on the sports ground.

  • It is not like we have something against the hall that lies at the far end of the campus nor against the chics in the hall but we must say that when caution falls out of our hands into the winds then we need to call ourselves into check. It is no news anyways but we need to say it that Awo hall girls are becoming ‘trekstars’ – they can trek from their hall to any male hostel all in the name of strolling and can tax boys to buy suya all in the name of new year gift. It is a good thing oo but too much of everything becomes bad, bad as in the development of “yam leg” and the christening of “yeye names”. Caution!

  • Yeah, this may sound so untrue and we are having every cause to say it is really untrue but the picture these two boys presented at Heritage park on Tuesday night has got us thinking something like caution is going into the winds. One of our olofofos was strolling with someone of the opposite sex along that heritage park side when they saw two boys…it is nothing when two boys gist but it becomes something when they come too close for comfort and are sharing jokes with such closeness, to cap it all, they were in Heritage park…GAY ALERT!!

  • If this piece goes viral then this chic should see this too and recognize her SUB because it happened on Friday afternoon and it only took the goodness of humankind in us not to take her picture for it would have been a good shot. This microbiology girl was walking past Bello hall, heading for her department we guess, when her bottle water fell down into the gutter opposite Bello hall. We thought she was going to ignore, not because of “big girl ish” o but because bottle water isn’t that expensive but nah, she stepped into the dry gutter carefully to pick the bottle and oh boy caution flew gracefully into the winds. Just as she came out, we realized it was an empty bottle…now, start thinking, that chic was only trying to keep UI clean or maybe saving the bottle for another day.

  • We’re sorry this made the list that ran into the winds this week but it we gathered that it is not the first time it would be happening so we thought we should blog this one. The only thing we can disclose is that it happened in one of the female halls. It was on a Wednesday morning when blood and tissue was seen on the walls of the bathroom and really soiled the whole place, well…issokae!

    This is our second publication on this column and we wish to know what you think – should we spice this stuff with pictures or we should leave pictures out? Before giving us your answer in the comment box, remember it might just be your picture that will grace this piece next week.
    Have a nice weekend!


    Week 2

    Week 2

    …writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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