A disapproving feeling that you are better or more important than other people; a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people.

This feeling has been condemned, much weight is applied to this feeling in Africa, to the extent of it being looked down on as a deadly sin that ought to be punished by being stoned to death. The popular saying that accompanies this detest is ‘pride comes before a fall’ and some set of people would tag it in the biblical form and say ‘God looks at the proud from afar’, some might even quote Proverbs 29:23.

A feeling of pleasure or satisfaction that you get when you or people who are connected with you have done something well or own something that other people admire; a feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievement.

This is obviously the positive way to define pride, same to say “I’m proud of myself”.


  • This is one popular way peeps use to recognize pride in the wrong way.
    A friend of yours, maybe an old friend or someone on your whatsapp or bbm is not greeting you regularly like he used to do before; he doesn’t hail you like you hail each other back then or he leaves your chat unread for a long while then replies when you have forgotten that you pinged him.
    You come across a friend of yours on the street, you greet him and he replies briefly in the name of being in a hurry or he tries to dodge your jokes so he doesn’t get tied down by time. This is more convincing if this friend of yours has just achieved a feat that is well spoken of.
    One quick judgment is PRIDE. Immediately, pride is associated with such person, whereas the person might have been absent minded or has many things on his mind; fully occupied.

  • Congrats, you want to show that you understand what they don’t but unfortunately, they take it that you want to prove you know it all and so in other words you are proving they are low in knowledge and understanding. You try to tell some older peeps in your family line what it really is, the next thing is ‘you don’t like listening to us, you know everything abi’.

  • Long time ago, standards were about high level of quality et all. Today, it is now a way to show off; tell some people you don’t like some things and immediately they begin to mumur among themselves that you have stepped up and so you are no longer in their rank. It is quite painful because the more you try to make them see reasons with you, the more they see it wrongly. You dare not prove standards or reject some things, especially if these friends are old friends or set of people taking shelter in envy.

  • Walk wrongly, dress too loud, over carry yourself or look with the corner of your eyes too often with your heads high – that’s haughty! Meanwhile, I beg to reject this belief, people’s style are their way of carrying themselves – it is not pride.

    Pride, as a feeling has been misinterpretated, misinformed and the concept has been ridiculed.
    Truth is pride has a different definition which is positive (highlighted above) but they cannot be blamed for their views because ‘pride is easier to recognize than to define, it is easier to define in another person than in one’s self.’

    Life would be a better place if we stop criticizing that pal on your contact that doesn’t ping you until you ping him/her; it would be a better place when we stop thinking that friend of yours is busy now because he has achieved a great feat; a much better place when we stop attaching meanings to dressings and looks – let’s stop misunderstanding PRIDE!


    …writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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