…and she/he walked jealously with it guarding it as if it were her/his life, she/he walked on carefully.
Suddenly, she/he became less conscious and all of a sudden she/he let go of it. She/he allowed it to fly…she/he let it go into the winds…she/he allowed caution into the winds. She/he is a UITE…and now, the consequences!

#1 The THA Chic That Year
I don’t know if I’m the only one that has heard this stale rumour that has a bit of truth in it; I don’t know if I’m the only one that knows that back in that year, some THA girls cared less about what part of their body fought to stay under the cloth. Anyways, she was in her 3rd year that year and she wasn’t having her panties on (some say it is a trend amongst them). How did we know? Well, she gladly showed it when she said down at Kuti hall cafteria to eat and it was a free show of waist line for everybody who cared to watch. Well, I think every dude cared to watch!

#2 Hungry Girls That Year
I know we pray to God to give us our daily bread every morning so it is no crime when we hustle to get it but when we act like we don’t care, that’s when I frown at it. It was the mango season and the numerous mango trees on campus brought forth their fruits for everyone. That same year, some campus girls (we won’t mention their departments) were passing by and the mango fruits appeared tempting, throwing all caution into the winds they grabbed sticks and aimed fresh mangoes…well, ladies shouldn’t live by tanties alone!

#3 Awo Hall Girls That Year
Water scarcity is one thing that shows up once in a while on campus but in Awo hall (within the four walls of Awo, unknown to you and I), water scarcity is near common. It was one of those periods when water failed to reach downtown early enough and ladies had to improvize…while some used half a bucket which is understandable, some just brushed, washed their face and dressed up…holy Christ! Now, I can imagine what will happen if she ends up in a boy’s room that same day!

#4 That Scape Goat That Year
It is not only girls that throw caution into the winds, some boys do and that was the case of one “campus nakamura” that decided not to play by the rules of sex – he dived into this “campus madam freetown” and enjoyed himself. After some days, it was gathered that he fought with the chic when he nabbed a funny std…not every fish in the ocean is for the stomach!

#5 That Chic That Got Drunk That Year
We all know that the moment you get drunk is the moment of truth – what has been hurting you since, the babe you wish to get down with, the dude you’re having a crush on. You just want to let it out, so that was how that chic that particular year got drunk in that popular after exams party and dragged that dude closer until she could make him taste the alcohol in her. Good sight for us…but yeah, she just let that shit called caution into the winds because this chic has always been very careful not to trend for shitty stuffs!

#6 That LAW Chic That Year
LOL! This very unpopular lawyer to be forgot that law students has got swags and she threw it all into the winds. With the massive unshaved hair in her armpit, she chose to wear an armless brownish white shirt. It didn’t end there because when she raised her arms, all we could see were greyish strands…you can imagine the rest!

We just thought featuring this six would be okay for a start, hope you enjoyed them (there are many gists that went into the winds tho…lucky them).
Join me next Saturday as we bring gist of this coming week. Meanwhile, don’t forget to throw caution into the winds because we want to feature you on this column…happy resumption fellas!




…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


2 thoughts on “INTO THE WINDS

  1. ooreofe 05/01/2014 / 04:40

    Cool tho


  2. yemi 09/01/2014 / 06:15

    nyccccc! Though am nt a UIte


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