A reason for doing something. The mindset behind an action or set of actions.

I chose to dwell on this issue today with the intention of passing across a message in a light style. Having known the definition of motive, it is safe to say for some of our actions there might be no motive at all. However in this piece, I wish to shed light on the two kinds of motives I know and the way they battle themselves within the heart where they lie – primary versus secondary!

For most actions we take, there lies within the primary motive (the real reason for taking the action) which is covered perfectly by the secondary motive (the cover up reason). Within one’s self, the primary motive is going to win but there will be enough time to set the secondary into motion, after all it is the cover up reason.

Tunde is Shade’s course mate but they don’t roll. Shade is over endowed and all Tunde wants is getting close (primary motive) with this pretty chic. In other to do this, Tunde goes through the secondary motives, the things he doesn’t need at all – he befriends some of her friends since it is a bit hard for him to get any close to Shade, afterwards he became the unserious student that wants to get serious by borrowing books from Shade….

Tunde is already checking her out (primary motives), so he begins to walk her to her hall and appear in the evenings to say hi. He becomes a church person because he wants to see her and win her heart. LOL

Tunde’s next intentions are setting p and probably having sex (primary motives), so he becomes the Mr. Nice Guy, always taking her out and always wanting to know how she’s faring; how her day went – text messages and pings.

Anytime Tunde is broke, getting money is the primary motive so all he does his to use the secondary motive since pocket money is meant to be due in few days – he puts he call through to his dad, his brothers and begins to ask after their health, business and other unrelated stuffs…

It is important we know that we can hardly achieve our primary motives if we don’t go through our secondary motives. But one thing is really funny about it all and that’s the fact that the “Shades” already know what we want despite the secondary motives, they’ll just calmly allow it play out likewise our parents.

Thanks for being with us, see you next year. Bless!

*slots in olamide’s eleda mi* … Byeh!


…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


4 thoughts on “BATTLE OF MOTIVES

  1. touchlineui 01/01/2014 / 18:23

    Bamiyo!!!!!no be our secret weapon u one there


    • 'Bamiyo 03/01/2014 / 19:55

      Na so we see am brother. Nice work at your end sir.


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