Too many questions on my mind
Answers to which am yet to find
Sight intact yet blind we act to the fact
We need ourselves to stay intact.

So I ask you brother,
What if we love each other?

What if we forgive as quickly as we’re hurt,
And not with ‘shots and cuts’ our scores we sort?
What if aside we lay ethnicity,
And unity we embrace in our diversity?

What if the men we put
In power, lead in truth,
Pay our doctors in LUTH,
And not loot what is to empower the youth?

What if we see not the container
But the content within,
And judge not another
By their place of origin?

What if we stop being greedy
And give a little to the needy?
From the river of kindness,
What if we quench a soul’s thirst?

What if we make here
A better place
And wipe a tear
off a brother’s face?

The weak was strong yesterday
The young will be frail someday
What if we adore the old today
From them learn ,lest we stray?

Like the Pharisee, we claim to love the one above
But to the one beside, we show no love.
As far as the west is from the east
So is love from the lips.

It is an art,
Found in acts.
So I ask you brother,
What if we love each other?

(Mex Konceptz)

*Poem Animation Courtesy http://www.clker.com

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


7 thoughts on “WHAT IF?

    • 'Bamiyo 23/12/2013 / 04:45

      Thanks dearie…
      Would love to meet you in person, I truly appreciate your weekly comments.


    • 'Bamiyo 23/12/2013 / 04:44

      Thanks for the kind words, can’t wait to resume and see ya again.


    • 'Bamiyo 23/12/2013 / 04:43

      I tell you Sir Emma, many unanswered questions, perhaps Mr. Ibe has the answers


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