It’s a boring saturday – nothing is going down, no outing with friends, no wedding ceremony to attend (for the ladies) and no buddy to follow to see the movies. Just home chilling and the television is beginning to bore you, so you just grab your phone – talking to someone and laughing it off on the phone would be great.

The first step in seeking solution to the question is by scrolling through the contacts. While you’re scrolling through, something would occur to you. This piece is all about the contacts and the importance attached to them. Whom to call – let me take you down this lane!

Oya, follow me and grab your phones, start scrolling through the contacts. Let me show you what comes to the mind – how you class the numbers.

Random Numbers: These numbers are literally dead numbers. We don’t have any drive to hear their voices, not because they are boring – far from it! It is simple – you have nothing really to discuss with them, they are just there and soon, they might just fall victim of the “delete” option. In this category – that girl whose number you collected from a friend, been setting her p but she has been playing hard to get and you have no time to waste; there’s this dude that you used to feel, but you guys don’t rap anymore; your ex; all those random peeps – how did they even get on your phone, sometimes you just find yourself cracking your brain where and when you got their numbers because they tell you nothing.

Feared Numbers: You don’t want to come across these numbers jare. But how would you not. You save a name with “Pastor…”, or “Prof/Dr…” These are numbers you respect so much, why? – The fear of what these numbers are associated with is the beginning of wisdom. The number of the Pastor tells you “God is coming soon”, “Bad company corrupts good manners”, “Fast and pray fervently”. You don’t or might not want these phrases frequently. The number of your lecturer tells you “your project submission deadline is…”, “I’m yet to receive your mail, seems you don’t like yourself…”, “Well, your results are out…” Shhh, you dont like the sound of CGPA – it gives you some kind of stomach upset, unfortunately, you cannot delete these numbers.

“Saving Grace” Numbers: These numbers are very cool to dial, not just every weekend, everyday sef. Well, you won’t dial them on weekends if you are not broke except you want to say hi. It’s obvious you cannot chat long with them since it might seem weird because the distance is much. I call them the ‘saving grace’ because they save when you are down financially. These contacts start with ‘Uncle’, ‘Bro’, ‘Auntie’, ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’…

Confirm Numbers: This is it! The numbers you’ll love to call – when you see their numbers, all it does is to bring back memories. Memories like shayo nights, broke nights, fun nights, gist nights, crazy nights, etc. They are your besties, close pals, roomies, just name them. Youy guys have must have spent times together, you did the parties together, you got busted by the police together, many funny things together. They are always fun to call because when you gist they won’t dull you. Many interesting memories to recall.

Konji Numbers: Hahaha, you already know what ‘konji’ means. Now, it’s weekend and you’re scrolling through – coming across these numbers is a sure bet. They are scattered all over your contacts, although for some, they have these numbers placed close to each other. On a weekend afternoon with nothing to do, some might just want to call a “sure” girl to put him in a konji mood. Dial them, gist them and end it with sweet words. Two things are involved – she either comes, konji is killed or she zones you, konji kills you.

Now that you have scrolled through and have known the kinds of numbers, just make the call. Make that call and please don’t flash.

Thanks for viewing as usual. Would love to give you a call, just drop your numbers. Cheers!

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


7 thoughts on “WHOM TO CALL?

  1. iyanu 07/12/2013 / 17:13

    Lmao!!! So true..bamiyo my no is sero hate sero tiri..cnt rem d rest. But I knw I use hen ti hen..nice write up sha…am always looking forward to them


    • 'Bamiyo 07/12/2013 / 22:39

      Hmm. Thanks dearie. I appreciate 🙂


  2. @oluwashegun 07/12/2013 / 21:15

    Lmao…classic write up bro. I see my sub


  3. McRAJ 07/12/2013 / 21:44

    Lol make brain (Y)


    • 'Bamiyo 07/12/2013 / 22:40

      Boss of Life!!! First Comment – Respect!


  4. Moji 08/12/2013 / 20:13

    Lol.its jst 1 person i always have the urge to kal tho’


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