“There’s a psychology theory which places people in four different ctaegories judging from their personality and abilty: the Otter (Entertainers), the Loin (Leaders), the Oter (Thinkers) and the Golden Retrievers (Friends). The Golden Retrievers can’t say no.”

So a Golden Retriever is a kind of dog – are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Joelene, a gentle campus girl is one creature that would cause any boy to turn his neck at a quick glance to catch a view of an endowed lady. She dresses and appears so unique and gentle, best colour combination and a good accent to grace it all. It’s going to be her third semester on campus and she’s hoping to enjoy it, infact she’s beginning to work hard on herself as she hadn’t enjoyed her first two semesters. What is this thing that she’s working hard on – the will to say no at any cost.

As a pretty and perfectly endowed lady in her freshman year, campus stalites were all going for her. Her first experience still remains a shocker and so it went with several experiences following as she gradually became a campus bitch. But within herself, she knew she wasn’t like this – she isn’t a nymph; she isn’t sex starved neither is she every boy’s dog.

How her phone number went round the campus was shocking. It is however this plain – a guy calls her, she tells the guy off then after little persistence from the guy she gives in. The guy goes off for a peck and immediately, she finds resisting a hard task. The guy invites her over to the room for a movie and light gist but she comes up with flimpsy excuses while the guy won’t give up; giving it a second try and in the end she finds herself naked with sweat all over her body – the deed has been done again. So, in a perplexed mood she dresses up and sets out of the room, crying over spilt milk – the deed has been done already; she has done what will leave her angry and depressed, unfortunately it is for a short while.

Painfully, the story I just summarized is a true life account of a girl on campus (not UI though) and it is rampant among girls on different campuses due to their weaknesses and lack of strenght within to say “no” and MEAN IT, after all there is no crime in hanging out.

On a brief research, I realized that these weaklings have been indirectly raped (lack of consent, maybe). Some of my colleagues claim it is spiritual – the girl begs not to have sex but in no time she gives consent and go emotional afterwards. Another faction argued psychological – the dude, being the stronger party must have induced fear in the heart of the girl, the softer one and she wouldn’t want to make him angry.

Which ever side you choose to stand, believe me I didn’t write this to point fingers, just to create awareness – there are no saints!

Thank you for reading.


…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!



  1. Nice work Bamzie, but I have to contend with guys who think “their victory-her failure to say no” is “spiritual”; that she probably wanted it but was playing “the catch me if you can game”: hard to get. Anyway, nothing loss as the resultant decision is “pareto efficient”: some loose, some gain. GOOD FOR THE MINISTRY. LOL!


    • 'Bamiyo 03/12/2013 / 11:56

      LOL! Nice reasoning bro. I think it is more psychological than spiritual. It is just a feeling to blame the loss on something.


  2. freakasourus 03/12/2013 / 11:48

    Bla bla bla…I’m really sexist and cannot see beyond my nose. You should really thank those of us who had time to read all this…Instead of wasting your time playing ” the male god”


    • 'Bamiyo 03/12/2013 / 11:59

      Well, thanks for reading. I’m not a sexist ma’am. I guess you read this piece with an already concluded set of mind – no harsh condemnation on the ladies, it is just a view into a side of life. This things happen, we are just checking the reason behind it. I guess you will understand better if u stop feeling the ladies are dogs for the ladies are not, they are our pride and that’s what I meant..that’s me. Thanks sha


  3. Moji 03/12/2013 / 12:06

    Quite true.


    • 'Bamiyo 03/12/2013 / 17:28

      Thanks dearie. I appreciate the fact that you see it from this angle which says no harm to the feminine gender. God bless!


  4. tosin salau 03/12/2013 / 13:53

    That was good, I think the problem is psychological though, for some girls, its the satisfaction they get from being ‘wanted’ at that point, u know guys tend 2 be nice when they want some and the simple solution is loving yourself and being high-spirited without needing anyone to make u feel good with yourself, shikena!


    • 'Bamiyo 07/12/2013 / 22:38

      Dope! Simply Dope, Nice Point Mentor


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