For those that have been following this story, the popular saying “Behind every successful man there’s a woman” shouldn’t be strange to you anymore. I further explained that there are two kinds of women within this popular saying – the woman at home (the first lady) and the woman at work (the admirer or admirers). Now, the moment the woman at home begins to suspect the woman at work, it means “fall out” is somewhere around the corner.

This is the third part – the part you’ve all been waiting for; the end of the love story between Sexy Skunk and Miss Yanga.

Before I begin, I really must appreciate our viewers, God bless you all. Truth must be told, I housed a huge fear and pressure towards this final publication. All thanks to my sources who encouraged me.

So join me as I take you through this long story. Let me start off from this line from Celine Dion’s “I’m your angel” in which she featured R. Kelly – “You have everything and you’re still lonely. It don’t have to be this way, let me show you a better day…”

*Picks handkerchief to dry my tears*.

Perhaps Sexy Skunk could still provide a better day but no, Miss Yanga felt it wasn’t necessary anymore.

We interviewed both parties, making it unknown to them and this is what they had to say.

Sexy Skunk: “She had no trust for a nigga, she failed to see the best side of me, always thinking I was going to cheat on her or maybe I’d started sef…she also had to deal with her self esteem issues. We both sacrificed a lot of things but really it is over now. Believe me, I do not blame her neither do I blame myself. We weren’t fit for each other anymore.”

Miss Yanga: “I do not have much to say…I feel this whole break up thing has generated much noise, peeps break up everyday now. I’ve heard peeps calling me a bitch and names my mother didn’t give me. I’m just fed up with his unchanging attitude…I don’t think I deserve any share in the blame for this break up.”

Whew! Things obviously wouldn’t remain the same for these two. Peeps would miss the greatest and loudest show of love on campus. Tanties would be shocked when we resume if they don’t see this duo together at dinner time. Most of all, it is time for the “women at work” to jubilate as Miss Yanga, the “woman at home” that wouldn’t mind messing any girl up is gone.

Now, I gathered from all my sources the real story that led to the break up and I have it for you. Read on as I try to make it brief.

Please note that the whole fall out started around their fourteenth month.

She couldn’t get enough: Enough is a word that can mean many things to different people, for example one bowl of ice cream might be enough for me while two bowls might not be enough for an “ebina” girl. If you were earning 5k before, 3k can never be enough for you unless you’ve been earning 3k all along. Miss Yanga claimed she wasn’t satisfied with the relationship anymore. The calls began to reduce as soon as Sexy Skunk began his IT programme and the gap was beginning to expand despite Sexy Skunk’s attempt to bridge it as usual. She felt her time was being shared by work and some other random girls. After some weeks, Miss Yanga told Sexy Skunk that she could survive without the calls.

He started paying attention: Sexy Skunk finally began to listen to ‘third parties’ and when you do, you will start noticing those faults you never cared about. Sexy Skunk saw the blemish in her attitude, claiming she had personality issues and she got angry easily. Sexy Skunk gave in to these monsterous thoughts.

She began to suspect: One thing I know about suspicion is no matter how someone tries to convince you, you’ll never let go of that initial suspicious thought. Since Sexy Skunk was busy with some other things, Miss Yanga jumped into conclusion that he was seeing some other girls. She pointed fingers, one chic in Saint Annes was her first guess.

He cracked an expensive joke: How on earth would you tweet to another girl same words you tweeted to your girl when the love was still hot. Even if the feelings in Sexy Skunk’s tweet “I will call you soon” to another girl is nothing to be compared to the one he tweeted to his girl, he shouldn’t have tweeted it although in my opinion, it means nothing unless of course, you are already suspecting foul play. I learnt Sexy Skunk tweeted at her afterwards to assure her that she was still his goddess.

She gets angry easily: Miss Yanga had shown how hot tempered she was on several occassions, she transferred aggression on the relationship – you can tag that as “end of story”.

He’s too childish: Miss Yanga accussed Sexy Skunk of acting like a kid, she went open on it with her tweet “I would prefer a man to a boy”. Sexy Skunk however admitted to be sometimes bossy but claimed it was done in the best opinion of their relationship. Sexy Skunk felt the actual kid was Miss Yanga to have taken their break up story to twitter.

Change of status: The first change we noticed was the removal of twitter handles with love sign from their individual bio and change in display name on bbm. This change in status was kicked off by Miss Yanga and later considered by Sexy Skunk few days after.

She kept Sexy Skunk on a “long thing”: When break up was in sight, the lover boy Sexy Skunk tried to see Miss Yanga to discuss things as he felt they only needed a short break not a total break up. It was gathered that Sexy Skunk arrived at Ibadan and chilled for Miss Yanga at an undisclosed venue for hours. Miss Yanga failed to turn up and Sexy Skunk from that day onwards knew the end was gradually coming. He had to be courageous – peeps were beginning to ask him questions.

Miss Yanga took to twitter: A very valuable source said Sexy Skunk was disappointed with the way Miss Yanga handled the matter, he never knew she could go on twitter to tweet all sorts. On one evening, Miss Yanga tweeted “It’s obvious the relationship is over”, after which she tweeted “I owe no one any explanation”. That was it.

Sexy Skunk actually begged: I think you should know that it was Miss Yanga that called it quits. Sexy Skunk showed up for her birthday as wished by Miss Yanga but was totally snubbed, our source gathered that Sexy Skunk tried to make the centre hold but things had already fallen apart. Miss Yanga ended the relationship.

As you all know that “ideas load the gun but instincts pull the trigger”, we decided to enter deeply into the matter, asking friends and anyone who cared to talk. Let me summarize like I’ve done in the first two parts here.
Miss Yanga blamed Sexy Skunk for not being caring enough. She confessed to having another guy which she met when the crisis in their relationship began and was building another relationship while Sexy Skunk was hoping they would get back on good terms. We found out later that Sexy Skunk knew and played along.
Truth be told, she loved Sexy Skunk to the extent that she was scared to call it quits directly and she was totally loyal to Sexy Skunk until she suspected him of seeing one Saint Annes’ girl.

I must admit my great admiration for this relationship – something of eighteen months is beyond comedy, the sacrifices they made were divine. I so hope they remain friends still and I hope to get a reply when and if we come across each other because I would greet them for I meant no harm with this story. It is just a story about Sexy Skunk and Miss Yanga, no one obviously bears those names on campus.
And to you our viewers, stay glued to this page as we still have more stuffs for you. Have a nice weekend. Byeh!!

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


  1. Hakeemah 29/11/2013 / 23:25

    You’re an awesome writer Bamiyo 🙂


    • 'Bamiyo 03/12/2013 / 03:26

      Thanks hunie. I like this comment 🙂


  2. tosin salau 30/11/2013 / 22:08

    Oh well, *huge sigh, for some reason, I pity d guy and I hope miss yanga wouldn’t regret her yanga on d long run. Great write up by d way, im proud of you!


    • 'Bamiyo 03/12/2013 / 03:24

      Thanks Tosin, I appreciate. I hope she won’t sha, only time would tell


  3. Lizbeth 22/09/2014 / 03:19

    Awesome writeup Bamzie n dats one deep investigation carried out here. Y does the story seem familiar? Campus relationships doh… Thumbs up brov (y)


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