I told you guys on monday that behind every successful man there’s a woman, irrespective of how she attained that ‘position’ (night calls, free text messages, flashing, pinging, etc) – if you are not told you will never know. In the same light there are many secrets in a relationship, many untold stories of sweetness.

This is the second part of the story – a very sweet part, ironically the beginning of the end. I think I should change it and say behind every love story, there must be a ‘Jim Iyke’ beating up every random guy that comes the way of his ‘Ini Edo’ or ‘Nadia Buari’ and that is why for every Queen, there’s a King that calls the shot.

Their love story was on the lips of every UIte even some few non UItes were following up on their love story. After few months of love between Sexy Skunk and Miss Yanga (check this link for Part 1:, sweetness couldn’t sit back but follow and for their friends the slogan was ‘we go love ooo’.

Starting from the second month, Sexy Skunk and Miss Yanga began to show to those who cared to watch that they were inseperable, permanently glued to each other – Sexy Skunk made sure they saw each other everyday and believe, Miss Yanga always looked forward to every moment as it meant cuddling, hugging, kissing, perhaps making out. UI witnessed great show of sweetness as there was no day that these two love birds weren’t sighted together.

From the third month, they divided UItes into two – those that fancied them and those that beefed them as they became models for people who felt love could never be real on campus, or how would you describe Miss Yanga coming all the way from her hall down to Sexy Skunk’s hall to come cook in his room for them to eat at least thrice a week – she proved to be Ada and definitely not Caro, perhaps I’m wrong.

Just after the fourth month, twitter and tweeps knew they were madly in love – their bios said it all (Sexy Skunk tagged Miss Yanga ‘My Goddess’ while Miss Yanga tagged herself ‘Sexy Skunk’s Goddess). Our timelines would have tweets like ‘Sweetheart, I’ve been trying to reach you, beep me when you get this’ and I’m like is this not too much of ‘show’ love?

Now peeps began to talk bigtime about his ‘show’ love, some rumoured it quite immature and some believed this should be the love Jack showed Rose or the kind that kept Romeo and Juliet together and this was the fifth month. Sexy Skunk proved that when love sets in, every other thing is irrelevant as he began this ‘I don’t care’ attitude or call it ‘You will love me finally’ way of life, he showered gifts on his goddess. One gift that will remain in our hearts is the necklace and really, it made Miss Yanga more confident. What matters if the whole world hates you when you have Sexy Skunk’s shoulder to place your head upon.

I was at a night party sometime around September last year I think and something struck me in Kokodome, it really caught my fancy – a guy and a girl were together all through, they danced together and they never for once swapped and when they got tired they went for a drink and sat together in one corner. I found out later that the guy was Sexy Skunk and the girl was his goddess, Miss Yanga. I learnt also that that was how they clung to each other at every other party and function, well…for me, I cannot dance with only one girl for 30 minutes not to talk of a night.

No wonder in the seventh month of their relationship, their families became familiar with each other. Sexy Skunk chilled in her house while Miss Yanga hoped to relax in Sexy Skunk’s house if she ever visited Lagos. If you ask me, that sounds like ‘informal’ introduction – that’s the definition of sweetness.

It was on a lovely monday morning in their eight month of going out that it came to my notice that Sexy Skunk actually ‘Jim Iyked’ one stupid intruder that writes too who was about to publish trash about his ‘Ini Edo’ – and that was it, the whole campus was filled with the gist of their love. At this point, I think I should say the real identity of these lovers should be a bit glaring right now.

Where are those people that keep on saying distance kills a relationship…please come and read this part and learn from these lovers – distance makes love stronger. It was around the ninth month and the school was on break yet love grew stronger – from a reliable source, I learnt phone calls came from both parties almost five times each per day and text messages could set up a text book, you can imagine what pings would form.

Happy new year peeps, it was their tenth month of staying strong in love and sweetness. Many sweet things happened but these two would be forever recalled. Tanties became an everyday stuff to the extent that if you wanted to see Sexy Skunk in the evening check tanties and you will find him there with his goddess, Miss Yanga. Well, the students around Faculty of Arts on this fateful Wednesday afternoon won’t forget the display of sweetness – Sexy Skunk knelt down to apologize to Miss Yanga for keeping her waiting…sigh!

It is no news that lovers do shirts as gifts on Vals day but this was special as these lovers donned colourful shirts with love tags on them and their pictures trended, no wonder they were nominated as the best couple for the year under various award brands.

In the twelveth month, as they were preparing to celebrate, Miss Yanga messed a fellow girl who dissed Sexy Skunk and this matter almost got to the table of the disciplinary committee – she was willing to put herself on the line for her lover. The whole matter died down and their anniversary was superbly celebrated, painfully I missed but the news spread around the campus the morning after.

In the thirteenth month, friends of both parties dismissed their various thoughts of break up – the bond was powerful than super glue.

I know I’ve revealed more than enough, the love was so deep and strong but the question is how on earth did they fall apart? I will answer this question on friday – how it began and what both parties have to say. For now, let me go back into my room and keep working.

Thanks for viewing and please keep loving.

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!



  1. Moji 27/11/2013 / 21:13

    Lmao..I knw wu dese pple are..deir breakup story cnt wait to knw y.


  2. omotaraeni 28/11/2013 / 04:34

    Pls dnt 4get me on Friday + t actually painful….dey r my paddies…..dey shld b up 2 sumfin tho


    • 'Bamiyo 28/11/2013 / 05:11

      Lool. For sure, they should be. Thanks for viewing babe


  3. jadesola 28/11/2013 / 04:47

    interesting read!!! how come i dont know them ehn??


    • 'Bamiyo 28/11/2013 / 05:12

      Lool. Really??? Try checking well dear.


  4. ann 28/11/2013 / 09:09

    Me too I have no idea who these people are.


    • 'Bamiyo 03/12/2013 / 03:25

      Lool. I promise to tell u later 😀


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