The UI story of love, sweetness and the fall-out!

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I know they say behind every successful man there’s a woman. Why won’t there be a woman, after all it is not difficult to be the woman behind the successful man. To be that successful man, you need to be hard working, focused and determined while to be the ‘woman behind’, you can choose any of these methods. It depends on whether you are the woman at home (first lady) or the woman at work (one of the concubines). As the woman at home, you need to be supportive (although this isn’t compulsory) and as the woman at work, you need only to appear even when you are not needed or just make a call (and it could be a night call too).

This story has been divided into three parts based on clarification reasons.

When friends heard that Sexy Skunk had fallen in love with Miss Yanga they all smiled and mocked in silence. They had felt it was a comedy show and sooner or later the show was going to come to an end but after two months it dawned on them that this was no child’s play. Sexy Skunk was always checking on Miss Yanga and vice versa – love truly. The school has heard of Sexy Skunk before this moment but nobody knew or heard of Miss Yanga.

Sexy Skunk was in his third year, an engineering student. One handsome dude who has earned himself a good cut of fame within and outside the campus for his near perfect and adorable self. Miss Yanga was in her fresh year, a student of the Faculty of Education and she became popular later for the troubles she caused around campus.

Let me open your eyes to some of the things you never knew happened between these two before you read the story of their fall apart
that is spreading gradually.

One evening, Miss Yanga came visiting and she was so into Sexy Skunk that she wouldn’t dare think of leaving that night. The cuddle was obviously going to end soon as it was almost 11.30pm and she had to return to her hall. None of Sexy Skunk’s friend were willing to go with him to see his babe off so Sexy Skunk took off at near midnight to make his babe happy, walking her off all the way to her hall in the scary and silent dark of the night. Miss Yanga was definitely overwhelmed by this show of love and she hugged him tightly in front of her hall and said so many sweet things into his ears, telling him how lucky she was to have a sweet and caring boyfriend. Sexy Skunk smiled it off and kissed her warmly. These scary night travels that I dare not attempt became a regular stuff for Sexy Skunk and this gained him the tag “oko wa” and “lover boy”.

On this fateful evening in Miss Yanga’s hall of residence, she was seen coming from her friend’s room with a lovely big tee shirt on her that was given to her by her boyfriend, Sexy Skunk. She childishly flaunted it in front of friends that cared to watch as she shared with them the love story between her and Sexy Skunk and all the gifts she received weekly from Sexy Skunk. She must have been on top of the world. You should know she had many of Sexy Skunk’s tee shirt which she wore to bed every night.

The show of love was divine indeed. Some people walked up to Sexy Skunk and told him about the person and character of his little princess. She might have been bad-mouthed or not but what mattered that night was that after he heard all the trash said about her, Sexy Skunk picked up his phone and called her to remind her how much he loved her no matter what people had to say about her character – Miss Yanga cried, she was feeling loved indeed.

Soon after, the story of her personality began to spread around campus and Sexy Skunk began the fight to kill those stories. Did I tell you Sexy Skunk changed the life of Miss Yanga? Well, I think you need to know he changed her from being a chain smoker which she was before and some months of being together. Sexy Skunk drove into her the ability to stay away from alcohol as she got drunk on a steady…hmm! In our honest opinion, these two were meant for each other as the girl played some important roles in the life of Sexy Skunk (the nigga stopped being a womanizer and a weed addict). They were madly in love and they had great time together – the envy of the campus, believe me!

So many show of love and yet you know nothing than half of the story. Time would not permit me to stay long on this but check back in two days time when you will get to read about the story of sweetness and in four days time when you’ll get to read the main story – the fall out. And I promise to release captions and quotes from my source.

Thank you UItes, keep loving *kisses*

…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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