I once read in a novel that talked about undercover agents. One thing I read which I will never forget is that when you get to a city as a newcomer, the easiest way to be noticed is by causing trouble (you can abuse the ruler of that clan, you can distribute controversial stuffs) in a popular bar or hang out spot. Deep down in our hearts, we all aspire to be in the limelight and for some people it is a “do or die” affair.

In this piece, I will tell you about various struggles of some tweeps to be in the twitter limelight but I won’t use handles lest I create some sort of hype for them in the process.

These days, Nigerians have forgotten that we live in a real world and not in a twitter world, I wonder why some people would sign up on twitter and would start chasing fame – ‘most talked about on twitter’, ‘best avatar on twitter’, ‘highest number of followers’, ‘highest number of tweets’, ‘best favourites’. And if these things or most of them aren’t achieved yet, they will never rest. Now, twitter is a world and you want to be in the limelight – this shit is unreal, very unreal and this is why I lament when I see tweeps twit-fighting with all their might…someone should tell them this – ‘the best way to achieve your dreams is to wake up’.

The struggle is becoming real and there are many tactics employed by tweeps these days. The newest is the idea of cooking a pitiful plot on sexual rage for your timeline, this one only came into tactics book some days ago when this lady in her struggle to be a twit-madam started tweeting what I call “super-story”. There are various other methods in the tactics book which we are familiar with – revealing more than enough for the sake of avatar (the proud twitter ashewos) , tweeting sexual stuffs everyday, twit-fighting and ‘opening yanshes’ of other tweeps, famzing celebrities for the sake of shout outs and one irritating one – creating lists on twitter because you feel that is the only way you feel you can be noticed (check here next week while I educate you on the psychology of tweeps that write list…promises to be interesting), not their fault though, they’re all in a struggle to be in the limelight.

I understand perfectly this ambition and I pray God will continue to bless their hustle because it is one thing to struggle to be in the limelight, and another thing to remain in the limelight. But please, twitter is not a real world so don’t try to impress me, you might be able to impress others.

The struggle to be in the limelight isn’t sad anyways since there’s nowt wrong with being in the limelight.


…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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