I hope my female readers don’t criticize me after reading this. Anyways, I’ve thought about this several times…

***Playing Gold Digger by Kanye West in the Background*** – “if you f**kin’ with this girl, then you better be paid…eighteen birthdays found out in one year.”

Here we are – eighteen birthdays in one year?? Now, that’s crazy.
I’ve always thought about this a lot – what if birthdays weren’t celebrated?

I know this chic – in her mind, she’s acquired a lot. She feels she has made it…hmmm. She started acquiring from the age of eighteen, today she’s twenty one – she’s been acquiring stuffs for three years now, today is going to mark the fourth year running. Actually, some of her ‘Dangotes’ don’t even know she’ll be 21 today. To some, she was born in January, to some, she reps March, some think she’s a May born, some greet her for her birthday in July – f**k! But she’s actually repping a different month. No wonder she ignores birthday wishes on twitter – perhaps she wants to set it straight – LOL!

She’s acquired all sorts of phones, all sorts of laptops, all sorts of teddy bears, all sorts of birthday cakes, all sorts of birthday cards, all sorts of shoes and dresses, of course the cash at bank is piling up like crazy stacks. Truth is she’s gonna acquire more today – on her birthday, her real birthday.

This is a fact, a sub but please this chic’s birthday is not ‘today’ o, no offence to those celebrating today tho.

The ish is when will ‘gobe’ not shele??
In her mind, she’s scamming her Dangotes perfectly it’s not my business so I care less about what she’s acquired or what part of her body must have been over-used for this (nothing is free in Freetown), neither do I care if she meets her waterloo or…I’m not even bothered about the ‘Alikos’ – it is their money.

I’m actually bothered about that one man that will marry her tomorrow – I pity him in advance

*Drops Pen*


…writing is beyond mere ideas, proudly instincts!


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