Before you read this poem, I would pray you read the original version by Miss Harriet(Twitter Handle: @_leftyy_) (THE EVENING IN YOUR VOICE: or the direct link: Methinks she was swimming in the ocean of love as she recalled the lovely tension in her lover’s voice :). Sadly, I’m single and I don’t have a lover. So, I wrote my version – hoping to find a lover whose voice I will appreciate too.

I dream to long for a voice
Praying it should have that calm nature
Which I heard brings peace of mind
And, I know, joy to the soul.

That evening I hope to find in her voice
Which will brighten the morning
Gladden the noon time
And give a perfect night.
I hope it will be an immeasurable treasure
Not in despair to have a sweet nature
And bring pleasure to remove this pressure.

She said an evening lies in the voice
So still – it has no form of noise
It leaves one with no choice
Only with the option to rejoice.
She told me it is a voice perfectly made
A voice to be heard by all –
Men, women, children alike
Even the ones yet unborn

Now, I will go out in the morning
And search to hear the evening in her voice before noon,
It will be a sound from the harp
Bringing happiness and calmness
And life to my dead single soul
Unknown lady, I long for your voice
To listen to that evening that lies in your voice.

Dedicated to single souls like mine, and not like Harriet’s.

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  1. herreeate 28/10/2013 / 15:36

    Haha!well you tried…I hope you find her soon 😉


    • 'Bamiyo 28/10/2013 / 19:18

      LOL. Thanks sweerie. I will, one day I hope.


  2. ibe chiemezie 28/10/2013 / 21:34

    Ogbeni, ping me make I give u 1


  3. 'Bamiyo 28/10/2013 / 22:43

    Oya. Holla me one, make my dream come true, lol!


  4. iyeomoan 29/10/2013 / 00:10

    Nice piece of art; good use of imagery and a handful of other FOS. Bamiyo, you’re going places.


    • 'Bamiyo 29/10/2013 / 13:33

      Thank you very much king’s man. God bless u bro.


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