You cannot scream these words without a sweet curve on your lips – ask Nigerians! However, the reality is that we don’t get to shout these words like before, you know why this is so – blame it on PHCN. PHCN is that recent name and no matter how many times that name changes, we cannot stop calling them NEPA (that name clicks somehow).

The meaning of PHCN, to me, is quite annoying – power holding! In reality, this body is very good at withholding power and whenever they choose to give it, they arrogantly take it back when you are beginning to feel the pleasure of having the air con on with one of your favourite programs being shown on the TV set.

Now, to the issue of the day, while we have PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) we also have PHC (Power Holding Company), it might not be of Nigeria – it could the power holding company of your house or your school. When the fuel in the generating set finishes, power is simultaneously held. When the battery in your phone dies, the power to last your phone is withheld. PHCs could be irritating and annoying, let me tell you something – of all the PHCs that I know, the most annoying is the PHC of Trenchard Hall.

Trenchard Hall is in University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State. It is located some metres away from the school gate. What I cannot categorically tell you is this – whether the PHC of Trenchard Hall is the generating set itself or the Abefele Guys watching over the hall. One thing I am however sure of is that they are super good when it comes to disappointing any student customer that fails to check the time or not. Without using much clichés today, let’s talk about some funny ‘I wish I could just shoot you’ moments in the hands of our dear PHC, Trenchard Hall.

Sometime in 2011, I know you can remember this vividly, when some group of young intellectuals brought the idea of uniting and passing across a message to the youths through a social event tagged “aeromatrixx”. Don’t let me bore you too much with the news of this near-superb show. Did I just call it near-superb? I must be crazy – the show that brought many celebrities down to UI and pulled crowd! Wait…I’m not crazy – was it not this same show that the PHC of Trenchard Hall cut off power at exactly 9.03PM when Kaffy, that award winning dancer was doing her thing on stage? That night was another wahala entirely because UI practically fell our hands and gave us bad nicknames amongst other institutions – abi what is there in promoting social values nau?

Still on this powerful PHC of Trenchard Hall, I’ve heard some people say they had power cut off while they had their spoons in their mouths – dinner! I am a witness to this one gangan. It happened in that same 2011 (I guess UItes were still not used to the “9PM rule”), it was during the King’s College Old Boys Association, University of Ibadan Chapter’s Blue Ball Dinner. Boys and their babes were grooving and all of a sudden the lights went off, putting the whole hall into darkness. Shame nab me, no be small thing – we had dignitaries in the hall that night and so we had dinner with candles all over the tables – whew!

Now, peeps are porting to Catholic Building for their events, gradually biding bye to Trenchard Hall, blame it on PHC of Trenchard Hall.


7 thoughts on “UP NEPA

  1. Tambari_Jnr 17/10/2013 / 06:38

    Kaffy was abt removing her top wen dey withheld the light nd on the 2nd occasion, dey even withheld d candle light… Lols


    • 'Bamiyo 18/10/2013 / 16:11

      Tambari Boss. It was remarkable night to behold indeed. Lol


  2. Adesola Fatilewa 17/10/2013 / 09:02

    i would rather say ‘shame on UI’.With the way things have degenerated particularly with NEPA or PHCN whatever, a generating set that immediayely supplies power should be in place at Trenchard.


    • 'Bamiyo 17/10/2013 / 09:44

      There’s one actually but it is moreorless absent. Shame on Trenchard sha. U are an Alumnus, ma?


  3. herreeate 17/10/2013 / 10:23

    Lool!!funny…but I wish you ended it in a better way


    • 'Bamiyo 18/10/2013 / 16:12

      Uhmm. Thanks Coach :*, Didn’t Have Much Time To Revise This Work.


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