I got tired after a long period of reviewing articles, with the aim of publishing something good this week on this blog, various blogs and bodies I write for. I got up and took a stroll into the compound, I saw a hen with three chicks beside her, earlier last week she had up to eight chicks beside her – five had vanished, maybe dead. Something then struck my mind – protection.

I sleep and wake up every day for the Lord sustaineth me. The Lord God is our Protector and He protects us under His wings, yet we record all kinds of death, how is that? I asked myself why, and then I thought about the hen that had already lost five chicks in one week. Some the chicks wander off without seeking the guidance of the hen, some wouldn’t gladly stay under the wings of the hen when the prey which is that wicked hawk comes and so, they get devoured while some fall into traps in their quest to feed themselves, out of the sight of their mother who is there to scare away enemies.

Now, I thought to myself, this must be the reason God’s protection was never justified on some – they were simply living on their own and didn’t allow God the chance to watch over them.

I would, I said to myself, walk under God’s wings no matter the circumstance so that I don’t fall prey to the enemies. The hen loves her chicks very much despite any kind of misbehaviour and would do everything to keep them save unless they show they are no longer in need of it. 

Good evening and kindly anticipate this week’s articles.


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