By Ikuforiji Oluwasegun

There is nothing, absolutely nothing to be compared with independence, freedom or liberty. To the South Africans who fought hard to be free, it was a patient time to untie themselves from fetters and menaces of imperialism. It was indispensable to the Swahilis that they termed it “Uhuru” in celebration of their year of jubilee. Unfortunately, to the acclaimed protégés of some Nigerian heroes, it was a time to seek the permission of the colonial overloads to unleash repressive attacks on their people. They may not appreciate it because the country’s 1960 independence was gotten on a platter of gold through a round table discussion. Nigeria’s independence should mean absolute freedom from foreign domination and its ability to manage its internal affairs; the security, agricultural, health, aviation, economy and educational sector would inevitably be under the intensive care of the government. Rather its incapability is evident, almost allowing the labour of our past heroes to be in vain.

It is no longer nascent that the Academic Staff Union of Universities has embarked on a strike action which has lasted for more than two months now, due to the defiance of the government in implementing the 2009 agreement reached by both parties. It is quite menacing that the same government that cannot honour an agreement stricto senso expect the citizens to be law abiding; it only depicts its level of indiscipline and irresponsibility. Now that the independence day celebrations is few days away, I wonder how glamorous the event would be knowing well that amidst austerity, mysterious security challenges and the on-going ASUU strike, the powers-that-be of this country will still have something to celebrate; throwing up millions of Naira at the expense of the nation’s well-being. This may be in a bid to fulfill a scriptural verse that says “In all situations you find yourself, always give thanks”. But, I beg to differ that it only refers to the righteous ones not the crafty politicians.

One needs no soothsayer to be aware that the Nigeria educational system is crippling and on the brink o f collapse. The absurdity in the use of Federal Character principle celebrated mediocrity when the Federal Ministry of Education released its cut-off marks for Unity schools which gave states like Yobe, Zamfara, Taraba et all equal footing on admission with the formidable Southern states due to the depletion in their education system. Our education system has been snatched from the hands of those who have the expertise and technical know-how and handed over to the politicians, some of whom are beneficiaries of the Free Universal Education propounded by one of the gigantic Nigerian nationalist, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. Instead of giving back to the society, they have rather chosen to take away by robbing humanity of the dividend of good governance.

Let those who have ears hear that a time would come when those beating the drum of confusion in the educational sector would watch it crumble, send their children overseas for greener pastures; set out stringent benchmarks for employment to victims of the deteriorated system and still expect these casualties to serve their children with foreign degrees because they can no longer meet up with the societal demands. Most of the campaigners of Nigeria’s independence with their cognitive abilities via education quickened this emancipation. Do we lose sight of Nnamdi Azikiwe’s critical thinking or Awolowo’s progressive and innovative prowess amongst others? Our titans orchestrated our liberation with education. Why can’t we maximize this to unlock a golden era for the unborn generation?

@baron_bamzie: If This Strike Continues Till October 1 Then Our Independence Isn’t Worth Celebrating At All
@ashbas007: There was never really independence RT @baron_bamzie: If This Strike Continues Till October 1 Then Our Independence Isn’t Worth Celebrating At All
@Iam_Jameex91: #gbam RT @baron_bamzie: If This Strike Continues Till October 1 Then Our Independence Isn’t Worth Celebrating At All
@Phleikky: Forget d strike sef…what’s worth celebrating sef? RT @baron_bamzie: If This Strike Continues Till October 1 Then Our Independence Isn’t Worth Celebrating At All
@Bell_fees: Na so bro RT @baron_bamzie: If This Strike Continues Till October 1 Then Our Independence Isn’t Worth Celebrating At All



  1. IYOMA EMMANUEL 25/09/2013 / 13:30

    They say the youths produced by the same universities they attended are unemployable. What an irony? Let’s not hide our pain in a facade of words; there are no jobs for the thousands of graduates in the labour market. Let Nigerian youths in unison and stakeholders in the labour market, decide that certificates from foreign universities won’t guarantee jobs. Preferential treatment of foreign content, relative to locally made items (certificates inclusive), is the bane of national development. The national assembly should should act responsibly and stop playing political “halleluyah boys” of a corrupt executive. Let’s join hands in moving the country forward. Let’s stop asking what the government can do for us. What can you do for the government? PERSONAL CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT is the only way out of this dungeon of national regression. This is what I preach!


    • 'Bamiyo 25/09/2013 / 17:01

      Waoh…Good Thought Bro. Let’s Spread The Word!


  2. Mayowa TJ 26/09/2013 / 17:55

    This guy fits into Osundare’s shoes in my head, intellectual and angry… Nice one Bro. 53golden iPhone 5 en route.


    • 'Bamiyo 26/09/2013 / 22:02

      Thanks alot bro. I hope they’ll feel ouq pain sumday. And 4 d iphones, letz not act like FG abeg o 😀


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