RECEIVE THY SIGHT…OR NOT”>Image******* “I will still love you” by Britney Spears Playing Softly In The Background******

First of all, I want to give a big shout out to those beautiful musicians who have written and sang about love – the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer, Toni Braxton, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson and the likes. Even few Nigerians like Asa, GT Tha Guitarman, P Square, Iyanya, D’Banj, Tiwa Savage, etc.


FEBRUARY 14, 1968


9AM: It was one of those wicked days for the Federal troops as they got a shocker of their lives just as they were getting off the shores of the river to go into their various hideouts. Meanwhile, there was this blind handsome man who lost his sight after a terrific explosion during the first few months of the war when the energies on both sides were still fresh. This blind man was tall, dark and had a smooth skin; he was well dressed too. This blind man was led by a young teenager who had been his servant for two years. The teenager was dressed in a brownish white t-shirt on torn shorts. If not for the perfume of the blind man which he sprayed all over his body, he would have been stinking crazily. These two went on very well and love grew between them as the teenager kept on leading this blind handsome man everywhere he wished to be…


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I have heard peeps say love is blind – this means when a man is deeply and truly in love with his lady, nobody else counts like his lady. Even if this lady is perhaps short, maybe fat or maybe thin, perhaps she has got pimples on her face; perhaps she is not a good cook or lacks fashion sense; she might even be poor or has got blemish on her skin. All those won’t count if there is true love, the man would only love in patience and wait to see the lady whom he loves amend and blend into what he wants with show of care and understanding, he might so wish to take her like that – he loves the girl not her looks. This is when love is blind. God bless the blind love.




FEBRUARY 14, 1968


2.45PM: Just after the pair (hope you remember them) had finish having lunch at a hidden room-turned-canteen (of course the bills were on the blind man whose father is a General in the Army), they came across a Prophet who was about entering the canteen to fill his stomach. They poor teenager greeted the Prophet and the Prophet felt pity for the blind handsome man, likewise the poor teenager whom was dressed in rags. The Prophet had no money to get clothes for the lad so he asked the poor lad if he would love to see the blind man regain his sight and he said yes. Immediately, the handsome man regained his sight, he looked around and was glad for he had his sight back. He thanked the Prophet and the teenager, just as he was thanking the teenager, he noticed how irritating the teenager appeared and he fumed in anger then went away and ordered him never to come looking for him. He couldn’t believe his eyes, that he had been walking around with such a fellow, he felt disgusted! Family and friends pleaded with him not to send his servant away but rather he should buy clothes for him and make him look different but he disagreed. After so many pleas had been turned down, the poor teenager left and was never to return…


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I have heard peeps say love is blind – this means when it regains his sight, it becomes lust. This means when a man is with his girl, quite a lot of things would count – that is when he would notice she has pimples, he would notice she is short, he would notice she doesn’t catwalk well, he would notice she isn’t even worthy of going out with him and finally, he would give one excuse or the other and go after another girl. Oh my God, what a heartbreaking moment – the moment love receives its sight, just like when Eve and Adam ate the apple and realized they were naked. I questioned the feeling “Love, who gave thee thy sight?”




FEBRUARY 14, 1968


6PM: When the young man received his sight, he became so proud and realized how handsome he is. He went after other young servants but he always had fault with them while some never wanted to work for him because they knew how much an ingrate he was. After so many hours of search, he gave up and called upon that poor teenager but at this time it was already late, he felt so sorry for himself now that he had no one to accompany him. In tears, he knew his sight that he recovered was the problem – he had to go back blind if he wanted to appreciate truly and return the love that poor teenager showed him when he was blind, maybe he should blindfold himself…






11 thoughts on “RECEIVE THY SIGHT…OR NOT

  1. Tambari_Jnr 12/09/2013 / 17:39

    I’m not a fan of love… However, nice comparison


  2. Pelumi 12/09/2013 / 18:03

    Bamiyo! U are good! Very intelligent story 😀


  3. tow-seen 12/09/2013 / 18:19

    This is so touching!weldone Bamiyo


  4. ms iy 12/09/2013 / 19:46

    Oshamo #teaminLOVE ♡Sammy GnS♡


    • 'Bamiyo 13/09/2013 / 07:55

      Lool…As e dey hot…us sef go luv…eshey gan ma, e ba wa ki awon oga sammie 😀


  5. Peter 13/09/2013 / 12:21

    Nice Work


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