How will they ever cope?

Got no place to call home

No one’s friend everyone’s foe

For them every night remains cold.


Their next meal uncertain

The talents they have remain untrained

Their wild dreams left untamed

Their tears they shed unabated in pain


In winter the hot tea they never get

In summer the cold shower they never get

They suffer year long in pain and neglect

Their every waking day is filled with regret


Young and Old they rise unashamed

They strive and Struggle with a sole aim

To survive the cold of the night and the heat of the day

Their dream one day is to have a home.


For them every night remains cold

Their tears they shed unabated in pain

Their every waking day is filled with regret

Their dream one day is to have a home.




Shortly after the release of iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012, the whole world began to chase the new stuff, all thanks to Apple Co. While those that could afford it and those that had someone who could get it for them where headed for the stores, some group of young boys were just recovering slowly from the effects a terrible drought and famine had on them.

This poem has 20 lines and 5 stanzas. The poet has used this work to present the other side of life – those that have got no home and suffer the harsh wind that blows in Eastern Africa (stanza 1); those that cry as a result of empty stomach and so cannot even think of nurturing their dreams (stanza 2); those that are thankful for the gift of life as they wake up to see their friend lying dead beside them because they didn’t get the best treatment for the moment (stanza 3); those that go together as a team, even the old and the young so that they can overcome the pains of the moment and live together happily some day (stanza 4)

In the last stanza, the poet laid emphasis on the last lines of the first four stanzas – blame the wild wind that blows at night and the lack of good water, the reason the boys remain helpless in pain yet they cannot cheat nature, sleep will definitely come but when they wake, they wake to find more sorrow as hunger still strikes yet many friends that slept together with them lost the fight in their sleep to death, now they regret why they chose to sleep in the first place. God bless us – with all these sorrows facing them, they remain hopeful that they would make a family and have a good shelter tomorrow after the drought.

You didn’t consider these things while you were obtaining your iPhone 5; please do when you want to go after iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 whose release we are awaiting.


POEM WRITTEN BY: SAMUEL A. (@psalmchelsz)

APPRECIATED BY: ‘BAMIYO F. (@baron_bamzie)                                                                #InstinctsWithBamzie


One thought on “THEIR DREAM

  1. Mayor 10/09/2013 / 12:40

    Nice Poem Boss, Pretty appreciation too


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