First, I will eulogize the music industry. It is an industry whose raw material is sound and music (song) is the end product. An industry dated BC and still existing AD; an industry that transforms mere men into icons, idols, influential and affluential men – a beautiful industry it is!

However, using the saying “money is the root of all evil”, some theorists have tagged some of the fruits of this industry as ‘evil’, especially fruits (songs) of the really affluential musicians e.g. Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West to mention a few. My opinion is that before you start believing any of these, you need to understand the industry and the facts within, and then you can now give a judgment. Consider these facts in this issue:

          Music is “now” a business

          Musicians are businessmen

          Every business has a target

          Every businessman has a good strategy

So the question – who does a musician work for? Is it God, is it the devil or is it himself? Allow me to rephrase – is the target to win souls to the devil or to make money or to fulfill both purposes? The answer to this question lies in looking critically at the ends of the strategy employed by the musician.

There’s no better place to start than from the best of these businessman, Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z. this is not only because he is witty, but also because his lyrics are full of metaphors and there are many meanings captured “BEHIND THE BARS”. So allow me to turn his words into figures and calculate the figures of speech. Prior to his latest album “Magna Carter Holy Grail”, Jay Z has been contradicting himself as to whether or not he is a member of the Illuminati Cult. In “Free Mason”, he said ‘…I said I’m amazing not that I’m a mason’, only to say in the same 16s that ‘I’m on my third six’ which could mean the mark of the beast or his third platinum sale or both!

Well, for those really trying to decipher Jay Z’s coded language, here is a caveat he gave in his rap in the remix of Kanye West’s “Diamonds Are Forever” – ‘the pressure is on but guess who ain’t gon crack?’ although he made it sound like ‘crack’ here meant laughter by laughing afterwards, for the next line, he said ‘pardon me I had to laugh at that-‘, it was only funny to him that anyone would think he would ever crack (be shaken of how highly he places himself), thus he answered the hitherto question with a rhetorical question – ‘How could you falter when you’re the rock of Gibraltar?’ on the other hand, the rock could be referring to a long undefeated champion race-horse, thereby describing his inner strength. Let’s consider the next line, Jay Z alluded to the miracle of Jesus walking on the water when he said ‘I had to get off the boat to walk on water…’ – you might be inclined to think J is again elevating himself to equal the Messiah (that’s a possible meaning),but note that Jesus didn’t get off the boat to walk on water as he walked from the sea shore for it was Peter that got off the boat the boat to walk on water (Matthew 14: 22-23), so Jay might only be talking about his faith in himself. In subsequent lines, Jay implies that nothing is impossible for him, an attribute God alone is worthy of (Luke 1: 37). In Jay’s lines, ‘…this ain’t a tall order, this is nothing to me. Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week…I do this in my sleep.’ Yet again, this statement is also used by person with strong self-belief. You remember the then Bank PHB advert – “In our world, impossible do not exist”, that kind of thing.

Eureka! Jay Z finally reveals his strategy. He said ‘I am not a businessman, I am a business, man’ meaning he is the product he sells. By creating many mysteries around himself, he has attracted attention, fame and relevancy because some love his mystery, some want to decode and understand while some want to hate for this same reason. 

In my opinion, the man-turn-father might have turned weak and crack-able as his latest album reveals all of his underlying beliefs and principles which betrayed all his strategies in the song “Heaven”. Jay Z’s strategy is to create mystery through the contrasting thing he says and does – in his words ‘I am God, I sold my soul to the devil, I am next to God…’

However, one thing I would admit is that Jay Z is truly amazing but he is not a Mason and in my next edition, I would prove that ‘Hov’ is not a member of Illuminati as he secretly wants us all to believe, I will also reveal who Shawn Carter works for.

It is a strategy; it’s all in your head. Welcome to the hacker’s creed.



EXEMPT FROM “HEAVEN” – ‘…you gat me…question religion, question it all…question existence till ‘em questions are solved.’




  1. mexz 18/08/2013 / 11:05

    This is an original piece…good write up, can’t wait for the next edition…nice


  2. 'Bamiyo 18/08/2013 / 15:59

    Thanks Mexz….The writer would do more soon.


  3. katemanesa 19/08/2013 / 18:36

    ah jez luv ds….hmmm..tryna b d lawyer 4 Jayz ryt?grt


  4. 'Bamiyo 20/08/2013 / 10:50

    Lool…Thanks Seyi. That’s the writer’s dream tho…op u r gud


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