As I strolled by…I checked my wristwatch, it was exactly 6.09PM…Susan calmly walked out of Simeon’s room into the corridor and as she walked past the closed doors, faces appeared behind the doors to peep…this was the beginning of Susan’s ordeal on campus.



Nigerians…whew! Good people of Nigeria are lovers of gist and news updates, I guess they don’t want to be deformed because as they say, if one is not informed he would be deformed, however, the truth of the matter is if one is misinformed, he would remain deformed nevertheless.ImageImage

Once a gist comes up, the natural aproko behaviour of Nigerians come alive. In my opinion this behaviour must be checked before it leads to something else. People always want to hear these things and the social media is ever prepared like the Boys’ Scout to give them what they want to hear and see, even reality sef has got a compulsory role to play in this issue so I really don’t see another set of people toapportion the whole blame on if not the hearers of the gist themselves. Allow me to take a bit of your time.

Rumour had it that the superstar Wizkid, after his disagreement with Banky W, left his original record labelEME and now operates under the record label STARBOY and this was sometime around March, for Christ sake, are we doing ourselves good at all? Different gist filled the air and many drew conclusions quickly only for us to find out after they re-united and came back on good terms sometime in April that EME and Wizkid are still one. I tire!Image

Rumour had it, initially that Nene Johnson is a lesbian or maybe was sensed as a lesbian but all these stories screamed aloud while I just remained quite indifferent because someone as sexy as her might or might not be a lesbian…tongues were wagging all around until recently when the Abia State born singer tackled the issue and told the media all about her.Image

People, and when I say people here, I mean rumour had it that the singer Iyanya was into a relationship with the Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson, blablabla. Then, extra-ordinary rumour mongers said they were getting engaged but just some days ago Iyanya gave us the true story that he was just flirting with Yvonne and he felt he ought to have known and not to believe the media, nawah  and rumour was already putting them together…lolImage




Only if Nigerians could just try to hear the real story rather than frame the stories up themselves, life would be a better place with fewer controversies although life would end up being a boring place, no thanks to rumours. The story of Oyinlola Rotimi, the 21-year old 400 level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State whodelivered her baby in the toilet on the 25th of June is quite a funny one. The news that spread across the campus was that she wanted to kill her baby by flushing the new born baby into the water closet and immediately she earned for herself all sorts of names and her name was on the lips of everyone as a murderer and a slut, I’m not judging anyone here. Finally, when she recovered, she was interviewed with her bouncing baby boy beside her and she had these to say “why would I flush a baby I carried for 9 months, the truth is that I was purging and had no idea what labour pains were like so I had myself visiting the toilet often”. She was visiting toilet once more when the baby came out she began to bleed and as against the rumour that she ran, she didn’t. She just panicked. The Head of Public Relations for the school spoke my mind “Social media is designed primarily to disseminate information but in Nigeria’s context, many people disseminate rumours…students should not encourage rumour mongering because of the image of the person involved. They have to be careful not to make rumour the news.”Image



For real ehn, just like Olamide said “oro po le’we kobo”…the summary of it all is that we put an end to rumours that could really damage one’s personality.



Yeah, talking about Susan, the chick that left Simeon’s room at exactly 6.09PM…Let’s leave that gist for next week. Don’t miss it!






4 thoughts on “RUMOUR: THE TRUTH STORY

  1. Peter 01/07/2013 / 09:33

    A nice piece son, keep it up


  2. Oluwaseyi catherine 01/07/2013 / 10:58

    i’m prouda yaaaaaaaa..muah muah


  3. royalbeauty 01/07/2013 / 21:51

    This is a really fab piece hun! Kipitup! 😉


  4. mexz 18/08/2013 / 11:18

    Still chilling for the part 2 oo


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