I woke up in the middle of that night, popped into twitter to feed my eyes with tweets, whether sensible tweets or senseless ones (we all have them on our TL) and avatars too and then some tweets caught my attention. Someone is at it again-someone has blogged a list and this time around, the blogger called it “LIST OF TROUBLEMAKERS ON TWITTER”. All in the name of blogging, nawah o. Many, I guess, were caught in the middle of it all as they had something to say (unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in the whole thing and so I couldn’t screen-munch any of the tweets). While some found it funny, some found it childish and some particular set of people pressed ‘P’ all they cared. Well, for me, I was totally indifferent although I must confess how irritated I felt.

In the beginning, some bloggers wanted to create a new means of catching fun on twitter and chose to use the “list thing” but going by my calendar, I think that idea is quite stale and old, you can call it Methuselah and whatever list it is today, in my opinion, shouldn’t cause much fuss as it is just one blogger’s opinion and so another person’s opinion might just differ…one nigga might see me as a correct guy while another might just place me among the remaining fuck-up guys on campus, well…the truth is…it won’t move me a bit neither would it take anything away from me, it’s just your opinion and  going by the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, you have a right to it so keep it up.

Don’t get me wrong here, creating whatever list you wish to create is cool but in my opinion the shit is pretty stale and a silly means of gaining some cheap popularity and to be plain, it is really not worth it.



I’ve come to realize that we don’t really have writers, just young computer literates creating blogs here and there and looking for cheap publicity.

Now, wait…before you start creating that list, before you start making fun of people, before you sit down to share a link containing various lists, before you start thinking you are opening peeps’ yanshes, before you start committing the tort of slander, before you start pointing fingers, yes, the issue of pointing fingers…there’s a common saying that when we point a finger at others, the others are pointed back at you and myself, we are not just perfect. I’m not acting as an advocate for anyone here; I’m just saying we should stop criticizing openly if that’s our only tactic to rising to temporary spotlight.






For the blogger who released that list, I have added him/her to the numerous numbers of lists on twitter that I have seen and I’ve tagged it as senseless. You released a list tagged LIST OF TROUBLE-MAKERS ON TWITTER, whereas the truth is, by releasing that list you become a TROUBLE-MAKER yourself.

 Moral: Live and Let’s Live. Shikena!


4 thoughts on “MUCH ADO ABOUT LISTS

  1. Boss 02/07/2013 / 13:45

    On Point.


  2. Baddo 12/07/2013 / 10:40

    This is a nice piece. Thumbs up!


  3. mexz 18/08/2013 / 11:17

    Tell em ooo


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